Cover Reveals

Cover Reveals

Must be booked 3-4 weeks in advance.

Will include:
1. Blogger sign-up document

2. Book Cover

3. Synopsis

4. Genre

5. Cover designer/photographer/models (if available)

6. Goodreads link (if available)

7. Release Date

8. Author bio, picture/logo (if available), social media links

9. Cover reveal promotional banner

10. Promotional information: (can include, but it’s not limited the following): Character interviews, author interviews, Book playlist, fun facts (author/book), teasers, excerpts, cast pictures, etc.

11. Rafflecopter – If author is interested in hosting a giveaway (optional).

12. HTML format will be created

$45   1 day  Unlimited blogs. ONE BOOK.
$60 ➜ 1 day ➜ Unlimited blog ➜ SERIES | SERIALS | ANTHOLOGIES
**Anthologies: If all book covers making up the anthology are included in the reveal, it will count as more than one book and will be charged $60. If it's just the Anthology Book Cover being revealed, then it will be considered ONE BOOK and will charged accordingly.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us to:


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