Policies & Procedures

Policies & Procedures


✔ Where all the services are concerned, we will basically take care of all the details. Of course, we will get your approval for everything being used and keep you up to date.

✔ We don’t believe in limiting blog stops for anything (blog tours, cover reveals, blitz tours, etc.). The more bloggers that sign up, the better.

✔ We have built a contact list of bloggers which we email for each sign-up opportunity. We also post the sign-up links across the social media pages so other bloggers that might want to sign up, are able to do so.

✔ GIVEAWAYS during tours– If you are interested in hosting a giveaway, we can set up the Rafflecopter for you. You can also choose to take care of that and just have us share the link (either way is fine). We can also come up with another type of giveaway, it doesn’t necessarily have to be through Rafflecopter.

✔ STREET TEAM MEMBERS: While we understand that street team members strive to help promote you and your books, we would appreciate it if you did not encourage them to sign up for tours. Any and all book tours are meant solely for bloggers and authors that have blogs. Since street team members don't have a Facebook Book Page or a Blog, it's hard (and at times impossible) to keep track of their posts. 

✔ MEDIA KITS: We strive to send out the media kits to the bloggers with enough time prior to the tours since many of them schedule their posts ahead of time. For week or longer tours, media kits will be sent out 5-7 days prior to day #1 of said tour. For 1-day Book Blitz tours, media kits will be sent out 2-3 days prior. For 1-day tours such as Cover Reveal and Release Day Blitzes, media kits will be sent 1-2 days prior. 

Payment options available: 
An author can either provide full payment upon agreement of terms or provide a deposit of 50% upfront and the remaining balance due prior to agreed date of event.

If an author cancels a tour close to the date, a deposit of 50% will be charged since time and effort has been invested already in getting everything organized for said tour.

✔ We cannot guarantee an increase in sales.
✔ During Blog Tours, which include reviews, we cannot guarantee positive reviews. We do have a star rating requirement for bloggers (see below), and we strive to make your tour as positive as possible, but there are times when a review happens that is not favorable. Please keep in mind that this is a possibility.


✔ During our book tours, the posts need to be available on your websites | pages by 11 AM EST. After this time, we go by the different websites and Facebook Pages grabbing the links for cross-promotion. This does not apply to Cover Reveal Tours. If there is a specific time requirement for a tour, it will be explained in the media kit for that tour.

✔ ARCs and review copies are sent exclusively to those reviewing. Since a Blog Tour is meant to promote the book on tour, we require reviews to have a minimum of a 3.5-star rating. If you are unable to to give the book at least 3.5 stars, then we kindly ask that you hold off on posting the review as part of the tour. In this case, you will be provided the material for a Promotional post instead of a Review post.

✔ HTML codes will be provided for every tour. These make up a pre-made blog post. You copy/paste these codes onto your HTML area on your blog website, and the pre-made post should appear. We always ask that before publishing said post, you verify that everything looks okay. Sometimes, depending on the website, the spacing between paragraphs and graphics is altered.

✔ Every blog that signs up for a tour through HEA Book Tours, PR & More is cross-promoted during the tour.


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