Sunday, April 12, 2015

☆•*¨*• Special Announcement •*¨*•☆

☆•*¨*• Special Announcement •*¨*•☆ 

HEA Book Tours, PR & More and Book Junky Tours PR & More come together to announce a merge!! We’ll join as one company to offer our authors and bloggers more exposure - more social media shares, more participants during tours and so on. All for the same cost. Instead of paying for two separate tours via two different companies, you pay for one yet, you get the exposure of both. Win/win. 

★★★ HEA BOOK TOURS PR & MORE contact information ★★★
✬ Email:
✬ Instagram: @ly_blogs 

★★ BOOK JUNKY TOURS PR & MORE contact information ★★★

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